• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland





    1. Name and address of the institution:


    Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Amman; Address: 3 Mahmoud Seif Al.-Din Al.-Irani St. Al-Tla’ Al-Sharqi, Rabya; tel.: 6 551 25 93/4.


    2. Date and location of tender procedure:


    22/01/2014 – Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Amman


    3. Date and location where items of movable property for sale can be seen:


    Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Amman – between 08/01/2014 and 22/01/2014 from 9:00am to 3:00pm.


    4. Type and number of  items of movable property for sale:


    One vehicle Toyota Prado GRJ 120L – GKMGK (manufactured in 2003), 2004 model, leather upholstery, body colour: white, manual gearbox, engine capacity: 4000 cm3, engine power: 137 hp; - customs duties and tax unpaid.


    5. Amount of a bidding deposit and form, date and place of its payment:


    a)      amount of a bidding deposit: 5% - 150 JOD;

    b)      form: in cash;

    c)      date of payment: together with making an offer;

    d)     place of payment: Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Amman.


    6. Starting price:


    of Toyota Prado GRJ 120L – GKMGK (manufactured in 2003) – 3.000 JOD.


    7. An offer should meet the following requirements:

    - first name, family name and address or company name and location of a bidder;

    - offered price and form of its payment;

    - bidder’s statement that he/she is aware of the condition of the item for sale or that he/she takes responsibility for resignation from its examination.


    8. Date, place and way of making an offer:


    Offers must be made until 22/01/2014, 3:00pm in writing, at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Amman


    9. Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Amman reserves its right to finish the tender procedure without choosing any of the offers, without providing a reason.


    10. Bidding deposits paid by bidders whose offers were not chosen or were rejected shall be returned within 7 days from the day of choosing or rejecting an offer. The bidding deposit paid by a purchaser shall be included in the price. The bidding deposit is not returned if the bidder who wins the tender refuses to sign the contract of sale.


    Tender commission shall reject an offer if: it is made after the closing date, in a wrong place, by a bidder who does not pay a bidding deposit, if an offer does not contain details or documentation  mentioned in article 7, or if they are incomplete, unreadable or cause any other doubts, whose explanation might lead to considering it a new offer. If an offer is rejected, tender commission informs a bidder about it immediately.


    11. Date of signing a contract of sale and making a payment: 30/01/2014.  




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