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  • Christmas tree event

     On Thursday 17th January a New Year's event for the Polish community took place at the Polish Embassy in Amman. The event  was organized in co-operation with Family International Community Services (FICS) organization -  a private, self-supporting, charitable organization, which prepared  artistic program of the evening.

     Our guests (about 80 persons) had an opportunity to see two performances, dancing and singing shows. The first performance was supposed to make the audience  aware of fact  that the most important thing in our live is love - not money. Next we admired dancing skills the youngest artists in a song " One thousand christma's lights" and a group of girls who were dancing to the song "Three Kings".

    Afterwards, we could watch  boys dancing to a song "Boy, who played tambourine". In the next part of the evening, there was presented the  second performance entitled "The Man Who Missed Christmas",  we had an occasion to feel once more a real Christmas atmosphere. It was a true story about a man who hated Christmas and always treated  people meanly. He was punished  for his bad behaviour and was locked in  a bank safe by accident. He spent there Christmas Eve, without water and food. Sitting locked in the safe he could think  over his rude behaviour  and change his attitude  to Christmas and people.  At the end of  artistic part of event,  we had an opportunity to admire jugglery artists. Applause of the audience left no doubts that the audience liked artistic programe prepared by FICS  very much. Parents unanimously emphasized that the biggest impression made on them dancing skills of  our artists.

    For our youngest guests we prepared a surprise - from cold Poland Santa Claus came to our Embassy with a big bag of presents. Because our kids were very brave the whole year  all of them received from St. Clause a present. The most brave of them was Klara, who sang a song dedicated to the St. Claus.

    At the and of the evening there was a disco, where  dancing skills were presented not only by the youngest but also a little bit older part of our Polish diaspora society.

    T he artistic program prepared  by FICS members had been earlier presented  in a  few Jordanian schools and in  refugee camps. As it was emphasized by one of  the organizers, Mr. Mark Dieter Thamm  the aim of  this performance is on the one hand to give happiness  for  kids and on the other hand to build bridge between communities. Certainly both of this aims have been achieved .

    January 2008

    Karolina Andrzejczak
    Student of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan


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