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  •   Visit from the Speaker of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz in Jordan



    On the 12th - 13th June 2009, the Polish Senate Speaker Bogdan Borusewicz visited Jordan during his official visit in the Middle East (before Jordan he traveled to Egypt, Israel and Palestinian Autonomy). During the first day of the visit he met with Polish representatives (about 100 people) in the Polish Embassy. In honour of him a piano music concert was organized. During the meeting the chief of the first Polish Association In Jordan, established in May 2009, Mrs. Maria Halaseh, informed about the Association establishment and passed to Mr. Borusewicz its official statute.

    During the second day of the visit in addition to the debate prepared by the Czechish Presidency, he met with the leader of the lower Parliament Chamber Ms. Abdulhadim Majali and the leader of the Palestinian National Council Ms. Salim Za'noun. Ms. Borusewicz met also with the leader of Jordanian Senate Ms. Z

    iyad Al Rifai. During the conversation with Ms. Z. Al-Rifai, they discussed mainly about the Middle East situation in the context of the election in Iran and also about the Polish - Jordanian relations. During the meeting with Ms. A. Majali in Jordanian Parliament, they discussed mainly about the possibility of more involvement of the EU countries in the Middle East conflict solution.


    Ms. Borusewicz's meetings with the Jordanian establishment are widely commented on by local media, including the I TV, Petra agency, the newspapers Al-Rai and Al-Dustour.   

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