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    The Regional Conference of Economical Councillors from the North African and Middle Eastern Countries

    Between the 8th and 9th May 2009, the The Regional Conference of Economical Councillors from the North African and Middle Eastern Countries took place in Amman, organized by Polish Embassy in Jordan and the Department of Foreign Economical Policy of the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs. The following countries participated in the conference: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunis and the United Arab Emirates Polish Ambassador Robert Rostek from Qatar and Charge d'Affaires Stanisław Smoleń from Iraq took part in the conference. Charge d'Affaires Krzysztof Bojko and the councilor Janusz Janke took part on behalf of the Polish Embassy and on the behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Director of DZPE Wojciech Ponikiewski and the Deputy of the Director DZPE Grzegorz Gawin attended.  

    The Polish businessmen and contractors were represented by vice-director of management Oil Mining  PGNiG Waldemar Wójcik, Director of the Research Office PGNiG Andrzej Maksym, the Deputy of the General Director LOTOS S.A. Group Adam Loewe, the Councilor of International Affairs of PKN ORLEN Wojciech Wróblewski and the President of the Business Centre Club Convent Wojciech Warski and the Economical Expert BCC Wojciech Szewko. The main topic of the debate was energetic security. The representatives of the diplomatic posts from Qatar, Libya, Algeria and Saudi Arabia discussed the possibilities of  bilateral cooperation between Poland and the countries of its accreditation in the energetic sector. Delegates from the companies LOTOS and PKN ORLEN presented the activity of their companies. The Deputy of Director DZPE MSZ presented main tasks of the diplomatic posts in the aspect of cooperation with companies as an element of economical diplomacy. The representatives of the BCC presented their expectations of the diplomacy of the economical self-government.

    The councilors of the Polish diplomatic posts in Cairo and Amman discussed their experiences of cooperation between Polish, Egyptian and Jordanian companies and they informed about the ways of support offered by the diplomatic posts for businessmen interested in the regional markets. In the summing-up discussion it had been highlighted that  the exchange of  ways of actions in the range of economical diplomacy allow us to better know the conditions of the economical cooperation between Poland and the North African and Middle Eastern countries. The barriers which make difficulties in increasing the economical cooperation with the region were acknowledge by Polish businessmen as a very essential issue.

    At the end of the conference the participants took part in a function organized by the Polish Embassy  in honour of the Day of the Polish Community. Many Polish university absolvents, the Polish Community representatives and Polish journalists, who came to Jordan because of  Pope Benedict XVI's visit, attended.

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