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    Jordanian scouts visiting  Poland



    Jordanian Scouts and Guides Association's roots are dated back to 1923, when the first group of people interested in this kind of activity was born. Salt - the capital of Trans-Jordan was their headquarter. Despite the fact that the Jordanian scouts were not numerous, in 1974 they managed to organize an international conference focused on the most important issues of the world scouting. The present Scouts and Guides Association was established in 1994-95, however since 1989 scouting movements and activities are supported by the Princess Basma Bint Talal, and dr. Muznir al-Masri is the chairman.

    Groups adhering to the Association are now spread all over the country, and the main scouting boosters are schools and universities as well as local communities like Christian parishes aiming at proper upbringing and education of the youth.

    The Jordanian scouts in their large part are Christians of different rites. In the Middle East the Christian minority fluctuates at about 3 per cent, however they are very active, ambitious and adventurous. At the moment there are nine groups of catholic scouts and a few belonging to eastern churches. In the North of Jordan, near the city of Irbid, there is a small town called al-Houson where in between of a number of mosques stands a catholic church, vicarage and high school which is attended by Christian as well as Muslim pupils. The parish combs more than nine thousand local Catholics. Father Imad Twal is the parson and the director of the school at the same time, but in spite of his duties he is able to coordinate the parish group of scouts. Their history began in 2002 and the number of the members exceeds 180. As a "young branch" they reach back to the foundations of the catholic scouting in the region that go back to 1972. In 1989 the catholic scouts elaborated their own organization structure which was followed by International Conference of Catholic Scouts (ICCS) that is held regularly to develop and strengthen ties between brothers-scouts.

    The scouts of al-Houson deserve special attention. They are well-organized and co‑operate with the local community. Thanks to their own initiatives they cope with material barriers on their way to particular targets. It must be mentioned here that in 2004 they set up a conference in which attended also representatives of Poland. Anyhow, that event was not the first contact of Polish and Jordanian scouts.

    One year earlier, in 2003, in Italy took place an international jamboree and then relation between Poles and Jordanians were born. Since that time they have been in touch via the Internet. One of the results of this friendship was the invitation for Jordanian scouts to participate in Polish jamboree which will be held 10-19 of August in Kielce. There will be about 10 thousand  Polish scouts and their foreign guests. The undertaking is considered the first step to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the World Scouting with the motto: "One world - one promise". Jordan will be represented by a delegation of eleven scouts headed by father Imad. Apart from the sports and survival activities in Kielce, the guests from Jordan will visit Krakow and Our Lady of Czestochowa Sanctuary.

    We all want to wish them fruitful preparations for the meeting in Kielce and a lot of joy during their stay in Poland.


    July 2007

    Przemysław Goderecki

    student of Arabic Studies, Jagiellonian University in Kraków


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