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    Polish humanitarian aid


    What is humanitarian aid?

    Humanitarian aid provided by the Polish government is a form of development cooperation addressed to countries in need. Its primary objective is to save lives and cover basic needs of people affected by conflicts or natural disasters, in response to both sudden and unexpected crises, and protracted ones.

    The funds for humanitarian aid come from the special purpose reserve of the state budget administered by the MFA’s Department of Development Cooperation.

    How does Poland provide suport?

    Polish humanitarian aid is delivered in several ways: by co-financing projects of Polish non-government organisations, organising transport of in-kind assistance to countries in need, and via contributions to international aid organisations (such as UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO, ICRC).


    In which areas are we active?

    Humanitarian aid, apart from responding to current crises occurring in various parts of the world, such as the earthquake in Nepal (2015), floods in the Balkans (2014) or in Myanmar (2015), also targets people suffering from prolonged crises. In recent years, Polish humanitarian aid has been directed primarily to two geographic areas – Middle East and Ukraine.

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