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    Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Amman informs that the Consular Department all consular visits including visa issues are to be appointed by means of e-consulate system only. Other consular matters such as passports, legal and citizenship cases are arranged via telephone.



    Instruction of the E-KONSULAT SERVICE:


    1. Enter;
    2. From the menu please choose the correct language version;
    3. From the main menu choose the correct Consular Department (Jordan, Amman);
    4. From the left menu choose the type of the matter;
    5. Decide and choose on the number of persons and the date of the consular visit;
    6. Fill the visa application form  online;
    7. After checking the correctness of the visa application, click save (zapisz) and print the confirmation of the visit;
    8. Finally please print out the visa application form and bring it on the scheduled visit.


    After reserving the term, the visa application form opens automatically. Time for filing the form is limited only for the next 60 minutes, after this time the session will end. The incorrectly filled or empty spots will be highlighted in red colour. Until filling all the required fields the system shall on accept the application.


    There is no possibility to submit the application without its prior registration online. One may apply for a Schengen Visa as early as 3 months before the planned travel date.


    Tips for filling in the electronic visa form:


    Pts. 3, 14, 15, 18, 26, 29, 30, 43

    • The date format is always YYYY-MM-DD, eg. 2010-04-14 (14th April 2010)

    Pt. 13

    • "Number of travel document" means the serial number of your travel document (eg. passport)

    Pts. 17, 31, 32

    • All fields must be completed.

    • In case there is no postal code, fill in with "0".

    • For "place" fill in with the name of the city.

    • For "address" fill in with the name of the street or the name of the district.

    • For "phone area code" fill in without "00" or "+". For instance, in case of Jordan the area code is "972", for Poland the area code is "48", etc.

    Pt. 19

    • If your current occupation is not on the list, choose "others".

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