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    Visa information


    Jordanian citizens are required to apply for a visa to enter Poland. Applications for visa can be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Amman during the opening hours for the public (Monday-Wednesday, 9 a.m. - 12:00). Visa applicants have to submit the documentation to the Embassy in person.


    National Visa or Schengen Visa?

    Please be aware that Poland is part of Schengen area. You should apply for a Schengen visa unless you are going to stay in Poland for long term - more than 90 days. A long-stay (D) visa (National Visa) is possible to apply  for a certain reason  such as study, work or family relations.



    Requirements for a Schengen Visa


    The applicant has to present the visa application form in person, using the form printed online. The application form must be complited in ENGLISH. Application forms must be obtained online: https://www.e-konsulat.gov.pl
    Please note that the Schengen visa application form must be signed in two places: the first signature refers to the application (Nr. 37) and the second at the bottom of the page to the Schengen consent that follows it.


    Important notice


    A minimum processing period for the visa application is up to 14 working days. In individual cases this time can be extended for another few days.


    General Requirements


    Please note: All documents have to be submitted in original. The submitted documents will not be returned.


    1. PASSPORT - National passport must be valid at least three months beyond the planned stays in Poland. Copy of the national passport (A4), from pages with personal data, official remarks and photocopy of valid visa if available and all previous Schengen visas. Please bring along former passports.

    2. One (1) recent passport size photograph per applicant, including children;

    3. Documents confirming legal status

    - for foreigners living in Jordan: residence and Work permit (yearly), valid at least 3 months (original + 1 copy)

    - for students: document confirming enrolment

    - for self-employed persons: confirmation of their registration documents

    - for employees: confirmation of employer stating the function, the basic monthly salary, duration of employment and confirming that the applicant will return to his job after completion of his stay in Poland

    - for pensioners: copy of pension document

    - for minors: written authorization signed by both parents (with photocopies of passports)




    Visa handling fees


    Fees 53,- must be paid in Jordanian dinars (JD), cash only at the time the visa application is submitted to the Embassy and non-refundable in case the application is rejected or withdrawn.

    The visa fees are subject to modifications due to exchange rate differences.



    Depending on the reason for your stay in Poland you are obliged to submit additional documents:




    1/ Tourism:


    - Flight reservation or tour details for organized trips;

    - Reservation of accommodation;

    - Detailed bank statement for the last 3-6 months;

    - Travel Insurance according to the “Schengen-regulations”.




    - Flight reservation;

    - Written official invitation approved by the competent authorities (Urząd Wojewódzki) together with copy of passport/ID-card/residence permit of host person in Poland confirming dates of visit and coverage of expenses;

    - Travel-Insurance according to the “Schengen-regulations”;

    - Bank Statement for the last 3 months.




    - Written invitation issued by the company in Poland stating the goal of the business-trip, duration of the journey and the obligation to bear all the costs;

    - Written confirmation by a Jordanian company (employer) stating the goal of the business trip,

    - duration of the journey and the obligation to bear all the costs (if covered by it);

    - Flight reservation, reservation of accommodation, bank statement for the last 3 months and

    travel-insurance according to the “Schengen-regulations”.





    - Written invitation issued by the event-organizer in Poland;

    - Travel insurance according to the “Schengen-regulations”;

    - Written guarantee by a reliable Jordanian company.

    - Flight reservation;

    - In case, expenses aren’t covered by the Jordanian company or by the Polish inviting company a bank statement for the last 3 months will be required.


    5/Medical treatment:


    -  Confirmation of the hospital or rehabilitation centre in Poland;

    -  Guarantee of payments (insurance etc.).



    NOTE: According to the visa regulations, the Polish Embassy may ask for additional documents in order to complete visa procedures.



    Right to appeal


    The applicant may appeal to the negative decision within 7 days of notification (without filling up the new application form). In that case an applicant has the right to reapply. The additional fee is required of JD 47,-.

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